Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun day

Had a great day. Colleen and I went to Santa Barbara and checked out the Art from Scrap show. It was great!
This is Carol's...

This is Colleen's moving piece...

This is Mary's...

This is Penny's
We stopped by to see how it was going for Mary P. and the Solstice parade was very exciting to see all the work under way...It will be a great event next Sat. If you are in the area don't miss it!....even though I will...Carol and I are teaching an altered book class at the ART CLINIC.

Then we had delicious Viet Namese food on Milpas. We went on to Carpinteria to hit the fabric store. Then a stop at Pierre LaFond's in Montecieto to see what was new and exciting there. Lots of cool and inspirational stuff! One last stop at Trader Joe's and up the pass to our valley. Really fun day.

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