Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another traveling holiday

We are back from Seattle and it was a great trip. The weather was interesting, but not scary, the whole time. We made it to Williams about 1 am the first night. Jill and Earl had to work so we got a late start. The Ashland grade...not it's real name, was beautiful.

We got to our fav eating spot, Morninglory, for lunch and got to Portland about 6 to meet up with Roberta at her amazing Broadway Books bookstore, to drop off some paintings for the store.

Got to LE's about 10:30. She had decorated the house so cute and prepared our rooms with water and chocolates.

This is the Acorn room, also known as the guest bath.

Next day LE cooked lots of great food in her beautiful kitchen.

She had made us all stockings with one for "XWP". That is the baby's current name: Xena Warrior Princess.

Jill and I headed off to Kinokuniay Bookstore while LE napped and Earl and Jon played Wii sports all day.
And of course we had to go to Maxine's around the corner!
We watched movies on LE and Jon's new amazing screen, opened gifts and did a little journaling and art projects. Fun fun fun! pick a tag line for this one....

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