Monday, September 17, 2007

It was a fun packed weekend

Saturday Jill
....and I went to the sandcastle show at East Beach in Santa Barbara

These are the fun throphies.

...then on to the Art from Scrap reception. There were lots of fun things going on there. Bob Debris was taking more of his famous photos and a group of plastic tub drummers were just setting up when we left. We had to leave early.

Sunday, classmate, Paula, from Santa Paula High, called to see if I wanted to go see some other classmates that were gathering at Steckle Park in I played hooky from all my work and had a fun day catching up with friends. I went down to Ventura today to hang out with the group a little more....which of course puts me even more behind....but it always feels so good to see the old gang....our big topic of the day was our colonoscopies.....fascinating...

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