Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boy...time is flying by!

.........I am in the middle of so many things! I hope I don't hit any snags...
I have my kits all put together for my class at ArtFiberFest.

...and more fabric painted for making some art folios for vendor night. I have about 10 scissor maidens almost done and some fun sock creatures in the works. I am at the point where I have to be realistic about what is not going to get done....and then I looked at my materials list for the classes I am taking and realized I have some homework to get done!

Here are some pics of our "Swapped not Sold" ATC reception at Art from Scrap.

It was a really fun day. I was excited to see so many people come and make ATCs and have fun doing it. All our work looked really good on the walls too. It was fun to see how everyone arranged their collections. I also enjoyed visiting some of my old work that I had forgotten about.

For your is a picture of the little chick that lives next door...oh wait...that's Vera! The cutest little non stop talker you have ever seen.

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