Thursday, September 14, 2006

I know I know's been awhile since I posted. I am sooo busy. I just sent off my photos etc to Teesha for the ArtFiberFest workshop list. I will be teaching how to make Scissor maidens next June in Issaquah, WA.

Another little project is something Colleen and I like to do...stageing. This is a really cute sixties condo in Santa Barbara. It looked soooo cute when we were done. The Real Estate Agent is having an open house this weekend. Wish I could peek in.

Carol and I Just got finished teaching our altered book class again. It was the best class ever. Not because of the students. We always have great students but because we have got the techniques down to an exact science! least we think so...It really was a fun class. Thanks, Yvonne, Susan, Sue, Colleen, Beth, Marcia and Joel for coming!

The Queen of Arts Show is about to move to the front burner...It came out in the Elverhoj Museum Newsletter today. So there is no turning back now. I need to get my list of artists nailed down and send even an update.

We just had our monthly ATC gathering. Next month it will be at Art From Scrap. Mary Price's show will be up too. This will be fun! These are the ATCs I did...altered photos. I will try and scan in the other artist's cards.

This is my latest work from my painting class at Allan Hancock college. It is an assignment called "broken color". Part of this process calls for painting with no smaller than a 1 inch brush.

Tomorrow I go to Ventura to the gallery where I have 2 books entered to gallery watch....then I have 2 days with no deadlines! I think it will be spent cleaning house and doing catch up is messy!


art spirit said...

Scissor Maidens photographed beautifully!

Laura said...

oh, wow, your painting is wonderful. (I found this blog through teeshas) and the red underpainting really makes the whole landscape vibrate. awesome.

pam said...

love that landscape painting! and didn't know you were into "staging" homes!!! i love that, show us more you watch "sell this house" and the other's on HGTV and one's on A&

Veleta (Sammy) said...

I love your blog.. so inspirational! and your scissor maidens are about as awesome as you can get.. wish health wise I was still able to go to artfiberfest... the two times I went were the best times I ever had!