Saturday, August 06, 2005

the cruise

We had a great time. It just went too fast. I think I like Avalon the best. I had not been there since I was 12. But really it did not seem to have changed much.
We followed up the cruise with a 600 mile cruise in the 'vert with friends Luke and Maki in their 'vert. Other than at times it got up to 103 degrees (not in my comfort zone) it was a great drive through the Sequoias. We saw the Sequoia tree Big Sherman and heard a guy tell his wife "come here and I'll show you big Sherman." Not the highlight of the trip.
Other news:
Carol and I have put out the word about our journaling class and nailed down most of the details. It is Sept 10.
I have signed up to go to Art & Soul in Monterey in Feb.
Earl is in COLO at a car show.
LE and Jon registered at Macy's for the wedding which I still don't know the date of.
Jill and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We loved it!
I sold my Art from Scrap piece. I don't know for how much.
I have gotten the second self portrait RR journal....this is so exciting & fun!
Tomorrow I go to the 3rd Dinosaur Caves Art in the Park Show.....Maybe I will actually sell a painting.
And tomorrow night my favorite HBO shows are on.
Also I am really sick of this heat!
OK Now I am pretty caught up....

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