Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Just when I thought I knew how to do this I screwed it all up.....heavy sigh.....Anyway Earl is back and he had a good time... brought back a trophy and is in another VW magazine article on the Sacramento show.
I sold 3 little collages at Art in the Park Shell Beach but spent the money on some metal yard art. I have decided that will be my new garden...metalwork and succulents.
LE comes next week for business and a wedding shower. I got the invite today. It is so sweet...just like Susan who is throwing the event.
Earl's Aunt and Uncle are coming this weekend we just found out. I need to try and make the house look less like a studio and more like a home......not an easy task.
I may just get a website soon. LE is going to talk me through it tonight I think. Stay tune.
Here is an interesting site http://www.oiseauxsisters.com/index.html for anyone who loves folkart type stuff.

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