Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well I finally got my issue of Somerset. I think it is page 65 I am on. So exciting! Especially after my root canal this AM. Still had some panic even with the valium. But I am done with that part anyway.

Carol and I are cooking up another class idea. Fri she is coming over to brain storm etc.

I am entering a show at Art from Scrap. I am really happy with the finished piece....which is rare for me. I will photo it tomorrow.

I joined a couple more chunky book things...which I said I would not do...but one is Poppets ala Claudine Hellmuth etc...I HAD to. The others are funky birds and Nightmare before Xmas...

I have about 10 more things I am working on the most exciting is a round robin with 23 other artists. Most of which I am so in awe of. I am freaking out at the idea that I will have to put something in their book. It feels like I am going to spray paint over the Mona Lisa...

Jill goes to the ArtBar Fri. I hope she, Mary and Penny have a good time. Just to see those True Color journals should be worth it alone.

More to come....(I need to work on a tag line)

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