Monday, April 29, 2013


I am feelin' good tonight.....I got some good results from a health scare, went and saw Oblivion and enjoyed it and it was a beautiful Spring day. I even got my car washed.... Madison was full of fun today....we did so many things in such a small amount of time...a puzzle, danced...her not me...set up a fruit store, found Barbies that she named Mom and Grandma, took care of a sleepy bear, a couple art project...that can't really be described, made a few booby traps, went in the wading pool, kicked the ball around, played with Clementine from next door, played some on line games and bedazzled ourselves with stick on jewels....wonder why I am so that girlI had a fun paper mache class this month at the Art Clinic and this Sat I will have a collage project day...Always fun and stress free to play with paper. I am wrapping up my astronomy classes with the Valley third graders and I am getting things lined up for Art in the Park, starting in May in Los Olivos. There have been some good days and delightful people at the Art Hus this month and I just had my big social event here...a yard sale...always entertaining....Madison and I are planning our Wed. beach days starting after school with some swimming lessons thrown in. I have a class at Art from Scrap coming up and a trip to Disneyland to celebrate someone turning 5. Madison has a dance performance on the 18th.... No wonder the month go so fast. Hope you are all enjoying good weather and have fun plans for summer.

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