Monday, December 24, 2012

December is now a blur

Hope everyone is enjoying family and friends today and tomorrow. My holiday started with a trip to Ashland OR. to meet up with LE.
Jill, Madison and I had a great trip with a few adventures along the way. But Ashland was wonderful I knew it would be. I got to show them my fave places. There is a new fabric store...which was good since my fave, Fiber Fushion, was closed. Anahata's store Papyaya,
and Webster's are a must to visit...
but we found some new spots. We had an amazing breakfast at Brothers and an equally delish meal at Adave....
We did some projects in our room and just enjoyed hanging out together.
LE got an amazing necklace and some great finds at a record store for the way home. Jill found lots of treasures and a new purse and Madison worked on some projects too. I knitted a hat from some great yarn at Webster's.
Had a great breakfast at Morning usual and then good byes to LE and then down the road. We had lots of different weather but we did not have to put the chains back on....On the way home we were busy figuring out our next "meet up" trip...maybe Big Sur or San Fran! See you next year!

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