Monday, August 20, 2012

One Night Stand

I hope I don't get too many hits on this subject title.....The One Night Stand is an art Show in Santa Barbara that benefits Art from Scrap. Artists are invited and each piece is for sale for $200. They are all the same size and have no names on the is a secret until you pay for it. But there are many artists that are very well known in the show. Last year Yoko Ono had a piece in. Anyway it is very exciting! So I and a few art buddies are also in the show.
Here is Mary Stanley's
Here is Penny Mast McCall's
...this is mine. Here is a recent picture of Madison. We are going through some fashion issues right now. The hair can't be touched and the clothing combos are all her. She is also very into unicorns. She asked me to take this photo...another thing we are going pictures....
Madison is out of summer school and it is a couple weeks before school is is hovering in the 100 degrees we are trying hard to stay entertained. Photo Booth app on my Mac is a fun past time....
So tomorrow we start our sleep overs while Mommy goes to Seattle to visit her sister. Should be very interesting. I love that girl!

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