Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...how ya goin' keep em down on the farm....?

Where do you start? Everything was amazing. Everywhere you look in Paris is a photo op...I have about a 10th of what I took on my Flickr...check it out if you have the time. You can see what an awesome time we had. My three travel mates: Susan, Colleen and Mary are the best to travel with because we all like all the same stuff. We did not have time to see it all but I loved every thing we did see.
We did the open bus tour,
saw 2 museums, ate lots on bread and butter, hit as many bakeries as we could,
visited Nathalie Lete at her fun studio,
visited the amazing quilt artist Will V and she showed us all the great fabric and notion shops in her area. We found some great brocantes and had delish lunches and late dinners. Saw the Eiffel Tower close up and all lit up..and much more.
...then we took the fast train to the South West part of France for our Julie Arkell workshop at Les Soeurs Anglaises.
You can not imagine how wonderful this place is! The team, the food, the entertainment, the beautiful surroundings
....then top that off with the sweet, fun and generous Julie Arkell and you have HEAVEN!! We had amazing meals that kept us saying "ummmmmm" again and again. Fun music by the Soggy Dog Ends and high tea Les Soeurs style, a suroie with huge hail storm, a trip to town for market day and picnic then off to the amazing Ali Baba Brocante...full of treasures.
But we still had time to make puppets and put on a show, create bunting...a garland and an adorable flower pin. Our classmates were wonderful!! Aussies and Brits and all fun loving and all made our lives richer by knowing them and hearing their stories.


charlotte said...

so glad you so much fun! wish PG and I could have been with you! xoxo

veronica said...

Hello there. So glad you are home safe and sound. It really was a good holiday wasn't it? I'm back to the Rochdale rain getting back to normal. Good wishes, Vera.

Syd said...

Hey Vera if you check here again I want you to know what a joy it was to get to know you. I am wishing you the best and many more adventures for us both.

Syd said...

Char Char...That would have been sooo fabulous! We could have stopped a every garage sale....Miss you.