Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day?

Who can believe it is May Day already? Not me.... but April went out with a big weekend. Sat. we had the one and only Teesha Moore in the house....the Art Clinic
It was amazing. Everything she said was like a little gift. We had 27 students and everyone was very intent on their work. I peak at a few of their journals and they were awesome!
I did not get many picture. I will post some of Jill's later. Sunday Earl and I went to my nephew Mike's house. The guys worked on a welding project and Denise and I played with clay. I felt so good to get my hands in the clay again. Mike and Denise have a great spot and I love going there. It was like a mini vacation for me....good food, a project, cool found objects to look at and lots of birds and wildlife (a jack rabbit) to see.
Then this morning we had a May basket on our porch! Happy May everybody!

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