Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...some glimpses of Christmas

I didn't do much decorating...these are 2 cute Santas done by Sukie Hughes that I love. I put up some boughs and Madison put about 12 ornaments of one branch that I put in a bucket with other twigs and called it a cute. It was fun watching her get the idea of what Christmas is all about. She asked if her presents were still here the morning after Christmas. She also worried about Santa getting through the hole in the furnace.
Christmas we did some cookie decorating. She licked the frosting off of one and we decorated it again...don't worry no one other than Santa got any of these...He's used to it.
We had a little gift exchange and pizza at the Art Clinic Thurs. before Christmas. I did not get any good pictures but we all had fun. Several artists discovered they love needle felting...Good thing Knit Fit is close...or is it? This is Berta's fantastic of many fun handmade trades.
I have most my deadlines met so I took a day to just paint. The two that are near done are my newest Flickr entries if you want to see them. Felt good to get painty again...

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The Dreaming Bear said...

Sounds wonderful! Love those Santas...they made me smile! Enjoy the New Year holiday!