Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Great 4th!

Had a good show in Santa Barbara. Caught up on family news with Mike. He is now the grandfather of 5 boys! ...thinking of you Patty and Steve...Met and re visited great people and artists and sold some art. Penny came by and gave me a break....thank you **p**. The only bummer was they trimmed back my lemon tree so much I was in the hot sun the whole day....and I mean hot! Saw fireworks with Earl, Jill, Joe and Madison. Worn out but happy.
Now it is time to roll out the red carpet for Michael deMeng!! His class is full on Sat the 9th but still room here at the Art Clinic, in the Pretty Vial Things class on Sunday. We have lots of surprises planned. Carol and I are super excited! All the info is on our Art Clinic blog.

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The Dreaming Bear said...

Your booth looks so cheerful and inviting!