Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happiest place on Earth...

Yes I am talkin' about Disneyland....Madison loved it and was so good and happy.
She had a "makeover" by a fairy godmother in training at Bibbiddy Bobbiddy Boutique...
and after:

We met some of the Princesses
and went on boats, a submarine, tea cups, Smallworld...of course, and visited Pixie Hallow....and more of the Matterhorn macaroon...
It was all great!

Our bad news was we had a massacre in the coupe....the raccoon(s) left one. Jill thinks we should call her Nemo. We went right out and got 5 new ones and "Nemo" is mothering them a little....It's like that "16 and pregnant" show...she's a little young to be a mom.

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