Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy BD Jill

We had a nice family day for Jill's birthday. We played with our new chicks, planted in the garden and had bar-b-qued hamburgers and cake with a flaming lotus candle.
Wendy is a little too curious abot all those "peeps"....
This is the cute little bunny Mary made all us house mates at ArtFest. LE and I slept with ours...He is sitting in one of the new chairs I got at Punch in Santa Barbara. Love them!...so does bunny.
This is the chicks coming home from the feed store. Madison put the stuffed duck in there for them.


art spirit said...

love the little chicks...the human ones are cute too!

marsha said...

those chairs from punch are brilliant! so glad you got them & know you will use them endlessly!