Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We had an early Thanksgiving

...with family at the Rincon area in Ventura....It was a super low tide during the day....very that was really fun....

But the best part was getting to see and catch up with the family....I could have chatted for hours more. But we did get in some news, old stories retold and laughs. I always come away feeling happy and proud of our clan. I also know how much the family members that have pasted on would have loved us all being together. Miss you Lisa Mom Dad Steve.... But we all have alot to be thankful for...lots of new babies and all in good health.

Jill, Madison and I had another Thanksgiving today at Madison's daycare....They put on a little sing song (Madison refused to sing for some reason)...lots of video of her saying nooo, shhhh .... and then we ate....It was really cold...55 or so...but really nice to get together with everyone.

Tomorrow we are having one more turkey dinner at Jill and Joe's....

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