Thursday, January 14, 2010

A busy week

Earl (mostly) and I got the sun porch done this weekend. I still need to put books in the shelves and stuff in the closet and drawers but I LOVE it!
And so does Madison. She plays her favorite pretend game..."night night"....on the "bed".

I had my first week of classes and I have great students. Even though I threw lots of stuff at them they did a great job! This is going to be fun to see them all grow with their art.

Earl is in Utah on biz and comes home tomorrow. I hope there are no flight delays.

LE has been having serious trouble with her eye. She probably had a particle in it...but she is on the mend...just in time.... she is throwing a "NerdFest" for Jon's 4oth birthday. Sounds like a fun time. We wish we could be with them but at least we will get a visit with them end of the month...yeaaaa!

Tomorrow I am going to Santa Barbara with a painting I did to be entered into the Summer Solstice poster competition. I have always wanted to give it a try. Maddie and I will go see Jill and maybe fit in a lunch.

My thoughts are with all the people in Haiti. Our local New Frontiers is matching funds. Stop by and help if you can.


reenie said...

Oh my..
edible kid.
Makes me miss the little.

charlotte said...

love that room and all the color, Syd! what a fun place for your sweetie to hang out and marvel at the wonders- of your amazing art and hard work! xoxo