Sunday, April 19, 2009

It was a happy birthday Jill day

Jill, baby and I went to one of our fave places, San Luis Obispo. We did some shopping...mostly for Madison, of course....had lunch a California Pizza Kitchen...more shopping...Therapy, Paper Sky, Boo Boo's Music, Urban Outfitter and of course Hands Gallery.
It was hot so we got pretty pooped out. We picked up a Jaba Juice for the trip home and baby finally took her nap.

This is the famous SLO gum wall....I am always amazed.

Thurs. I took baby to Santa Barbara to meet up with Jill for Madison's check up and shots. After that I stopped by Art from Scrap to pick up the elements for the assemblage show....I also got some extra treasures....some cool broken toys.....I know some of you won't get it but I am so excited to get working on them in some kind of assemblage.

This is part of the cool show that is at Art from Scrap right now. I loved it. It was all with paper and plastic bags.
This is the piece I put in the "Lost and Found" show at the Elverhoj Museum. It is called "Findings".
The reception was Saturday. It was a really nice event. Thanks everyone who came.


Mary lin Huskamp said...

Love the artwork and the day looks like such fun!

Anonymous said...

jb and i really enjoyed your piece in Solvang. you're a so welcome. it was our pleasure and jb really does love the food!