Monday, November 10, 2008

Queen of Arts was a success!

...and with the economy where it is right now we should all be proud .... all our hard work paid off. Some of you know I had a little extra on my plate and I was especially thankful for all the help and support. Esther and Kimberly are at the very top of my list....could not have done it without you guys. Kristen, Jill and Colleen were also right up there. Thanks for stepping in when needed. I did not get many picture at the event. I know Jan did and I think she is sending them my way at some time. But everything did look so wonderful.
Here is a pic I got of the crew in my spot...I think they all found new homes but Nelson, looking clueless in the middle, who I think I am keeping.

One of the high points for my family was the meeting of Gregory and Madison...They were born on the same day and are cousins...a couple times removed.... but they were so tickled to see each other it was really something. They will be reunited again in a couple weeks...can hardly wait.

And of course I want to show you another pic of Madison. On Halloween she was a bat like her mom and she is holding the mother and baby bat LE made for Jill last year when baby was on the way.
...and here is Earl starting the pumpkin carving ritual with Maddie.


Shelly said...

Look at that girlie grow! Go Maddie! Loved seeing the pics. :)
- Shelly and Harper

susanbuchanan said...

i am so glad Q A was a success! our family enjoyed seeing you all and the beautiful clever art.