Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madison is 4 months old

Hard to believe little Maddy is 4 month old now. She has changed so much. She is drooling and smiling with the occasional giggle that we all love.

I am behind on everything but I will post a cool picture of Art from Scrap from the assemblage show. Such a fun event.

And here is Earl about to walk around the block with Maddy so she can see the horse and look at flowers.

...and here is Joe, Jill and Madison at Earl's birthday dinner at AJ Spurs in Buellton.

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Tara Ross Studios said...

these photos are so much more fun to look at than the horror movie,,,phew,,,,, thank you! Love the glass blowing photo and tunnel. Wow! How cool is that!!

Maddy is sure growing, so cute....sigh,,,, i wish they stayed little forever!