Friday, May 23, 2008

Sorry it has been so long.....

I am tired and happy at the same that makes the days fly by. Maddy is 8 weeks old today....hard to believe....She is at that fun stage where she looks at you and smiles...It just melts you! Jill and I are both dreading the fact that she has to go back to work in a short time. I wish she could be home a little longer. I have had a couple successes with bottle feeding so I am a little less nervous about that. The breast pump came in the mail and so Jill needs to start stock piling milk in the freezer. OK that is the Madison news right now. I will post a picture from earlier this week of her in her wiener dog dress...soooo cute!

I sold a painting at Art Brut!!!! So happy! I think this is the first abstract I have sold. It is "The See Thru Garden" ( My header is a piece from it). I am busy getting examples made for ArtFest 09 application to teach and I am part way through my Art from Scrap Assemblage Show try to get a few new things made for Dinosaur Caves Art in the Park in Shell Beach, which is every first Sunday through Oct. Also I am doing the 4th of July show in Santa Barbara again....BUT...drum roll...I got my self portrait journal back! It is soooo cool. I am so lucky to have been included with all these fantastic artists! I will post pics soon. For some bizarre reason it is raining today!!! They are doing the chalk paintings at the Santa Barbara Mission this weekend...hope it clears up for them.

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