Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trip to Ojai

Yesterday, Colleen, Susan and I went to Ojai. We visited a potter that is a friend of Susan's family, Otto Heino. He is a world famous potter that is best known for the creation of a pale yellow glaze that is really impressive in person.
It is the color of pale butter. We made stops in Ventura and Ojai downtown with a great lunch at Mimi's in Ventura with Maili, Melissa and Melissa M. Melissa got me this great crown. It will be great for some queen of arts promoting.
Look at the great fabric from Colleen's trip to Viet Nam.
This is an example of Colleen's colorful needle felting.
This is a canvas I am working on. It will probably end up a background...I am waiting for inspiration....
Here is the latest update at the ART CLINIC. This Saturday is our first class.

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