Friday, February 24, 2006

I am almost done

I have been working on lots of project that are due end of the month. ATC fatbook for ARtFest, altered photos fatbook, Claudine's self portrait journal...all done! Of course now I have new projects. Mary is helping us make clocks like she makes. I have mine started. I think it needs Barbie arms and legs. If they don't look right I will maybe paper mache some.
And I started a challege that I read about on 52 projects. I gathered 11 sets of about 15 elements (page from a book, plastic monkey colored paper etc.) for everyone to make an art piece. No rules basically. They can add to or use one to all of the elements. Due to be revealed in April.

Now in the non art area. I went to see the California Bike Tour go by about 2 miles from my house. It was pretty spectacular.
LE and Jon found an apartment in Playa Vista and she is packing.
Donn is done at ATK and should be packing but he and Jill have gone to a race in Hisperia that a friend is in. He is due to leave for Mt. Shasta on Mon. So this is their last weekend together. Going to be tough.
Back to art...I have to do some major work at Sissy's restaurant in Lompoc then dive into Dobby making for ArtFest.

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